So you have a group or cause you care deeply about, and you know it can make an even bigger difference in your kids’ lives, your community, or even the world. What youdon’t have is the funds to make it happen. Enter Kidz Mic as a fundraising program!

It’s so easy to fundraise with Kidz Mic…and much healthier than donuts!

What makes it easy and effective?

  • There is no upfront investment needed - that's right, no upfront investment! You

don’t have to buy a bunch of products ahead of time and hope they sell; you sell them first, and we provide you with only what was purchased so you can deliver them to the donors.

  • You don’t need to have non-profit status to fundraise with Kidz Mic. Without a

501(c)3, your group is excluded from many fundraising opportunities…but we welcome non-profits and for-profits alike!

  • You make a set % off every sale, which is higher than most

other fundraisingprograms because you have no upfront costs!  So every a portion out of each sale tagged for your fundraiser goes directly toward yourfundraising goal with no upfront purchases needed from you!

  • In addition to music and product sales, Kidz Mic can make appearances at your

organization’s family-focused events to even further support your fundraising success! With the Kidz Mic kids and even celebrities getting involved to speak and present at your event, the music will sell itself even more.

Kidz Mic has successfully helped many causes and organizations raise the funds they need to reach their potential, such as:

-Sports teams
-Youth organizations
-Community organizations
-Homeschooling families and groups

Just fill out the form to get your very own Kidz Mic fundraising program started!
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