Kidz Mic is a MoveMeant that started because of two kids who wanted to help other kids...And that’s just what we’re doing. 

The concept of Kidz Mic was first envisioned by an 8-year-old girl (Kira) and her 6-year-old brother (Skye) when they noticed kids didn’t have enough positive music options…and decided to do something about it. 

Because of their strong belief in themselves and their mission, Kidz Mic is proof positive that kids and music can make a powerful difference in the world. Kids everywhere are listening to the album on a daily basis and being instilled with the knowledge that they can rise above any limitations and use their own voices to shine bright. Families are being strengthened with the messages and tools we provide to help parents know we have their backs.

 And besides all that, who doesn’t love great music they want to sing and dance along with?!

 What’s with all the clouds? Kidz Mic is proof that dreams do come true and even the sky isn't the limit!


Why care?  Because science says that messages in music stick to your brain. Turns out that messages in the music we hear affect more than we ever knew...here's more!


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