Positive Wellness


Mom's Good Day

This essential oil helps you get ready for your day and have a good one. It infuses the smell of peppermint with our aromatic blend made just for Mom, helps...

Dad's Good Day

Whether you are getting up to go to work or it’s the weekend, this essential oil will help you with getting ready for the day. This oil combined with special...

Kid's Good Day

Children have a lot of worries – homework, bullies, tests. This essential peppermint oil blended with kid-friendly aromas will help your child to get focused and ready for the day...

Mom's Happy Ending Oil

When your day is winding down, your mind is still going a mile a minute. You’re thinking ahead to the next day, thinking of what your children and your spouse...

Dad's Sealed Deal Oil

You have a lot on your mind – your job, bills, your kids. So sometimes it can be hard to unwind and get a good night’s sleep. But with our...

Kid's Sweet Dreams Oil

You know that your child has a lot of worries. They think about school, about bullies, homework and tests. Sometimes it can be hard for them to be able get...


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