Fun with STEAM!

STEM Ed., finally fun and easy at home! When you buy from Kidz Mic you and your child get invited to join a whole community movement. These STEAM toys, tools, and more come with fun learning sheets and tips for where to learn more online - some even have kidpreneur led challenges that kids can join in on - buy yours!
Save $1500 STEAM Gears in Motion!

STEAM Gears in Motion!

Planting seeds of a thinking mind is just one click away!  Raising an engineer?  A future STEM leader?  Want to?  Getting this 81 piece electric gears and 3D puzzle building kits...

$19.99 $34.99
Save $500 Drone-ish, Flashing Remote Control Hovering Aircraft

Drone-ish, Flashing Remote Control Hovering Aircraft

Getting your child ready for their future filled with a world of drones, aerodynamics, and more is just a click away!  This new electric remote control drone-ish helicopter with infrared induction and...

$12.99 $17.99
Save $399 Future So Bright Shine Light-Up Shades (Red)

Future So Bright Shine Light-Up Shades (Red)

Future so bright, you gotta wear shades - this fun reminder can be your child's in a flash!  Your baby's future is bright right?  Imagine how much fun they will...

$9.00 $12.99


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