Awesomeness Tee

This shirt is made for mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and other tall folks (adults) who love your short peeps (your kids) but it really helps children know how much they...


Kidz Mic Crew Tee

The Kidz Mic tee is a great way to show that you and your family are intentionally putting your kids on the mic of their life.  Empowerment based and hope...

Big Things Tee

This t-shirt helps to remind everyone that no matter how little a person is, they can make a huge impact on their world. It says ‘Little People can do Big...


Hope Tee

Your family can show off and be reminded of the positive messages that Kidz Mic is founded on with this colorful and fun t-shirt.  Our t-shirt helps everyone remember that...


Good Day Tee

Rock your positivity, choose to have a GOOD DAY and feel the good vibes of favorite song from Kidz Mic CD "Good Day" as you wear them on your back....



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