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Black Kidpreneurs on Chance the Rapper 2017 BET Humanitarian Honoree - 5 Reasons Why Black Child CEO's Can Love This Positive Step!

Jun 26 2017 0 Comments Tags: 2017 BET Awards, BET, BET Humanitarian Award, Black Child CEO, Chance The Rapper, Faith, Humanitarian Award, Kidpreneur, Kidz Mic, Michelle Obama, music, Positive

On June 25, 2017 Chance the Rapper became the youngest person to ever receive BET's Humanitarian Award.  Being a company founded by young people we see this as the best part of the BET Awards!  We were founded by young people who wanted to show kids that there is positivity in the world and Chance is doing just that.  Here at Kidz Mic, our kidpreneur founders, Kira, an 8 year old girl and Skye-Ericson her 7 year old brother have interviewed amazing history makers such as Hon. Congressman John Lewis, and musical game changers such as Kirk Franklin.  We think that tonight's award to...

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